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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Huge Tahoe wildfire

I realize that my blog has been pretty poor thus far. I figure it's pretty mandatory to have at least one token entry about the fire that's currently raging around the South Tahoe region.

The fire started Sunday afternoon over by Meyers, maybe 8 miles from my house as the crow flies. Because of how dry things are and the winds, it spread really quickly. That evening lots of "charcoal crispies" showed up at my house-- burnt-up black things that carried on the wind. No live embers came this far, though.

Monday the winds were calmer and the fire fighters were making good headway in containing the blaze.

Today it's been dry and windy, and the fire has fought back hard. It jumped across a firebreak and is causing evacuations in South Lake Tahoe proper, not just on the outskirts. I have heard that South Lake Tahoe High School burned down, but I haven't been able to verify that online thus far.

Things are smoky everywhere. You can barely see across the lake.

So far around 200 houses have burned, and maybe around 3000 acres. It's pretty hard to know how reliable these figures are, but whatever the true numbers are, this is a big fire. Fortunately, the fire isn't catching people unawares, and the last I heard, there's only one minor injury so far. But there are a lot of people who've been displaced and who have lost a huge part of their lives.


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