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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Obvious blogging crisis

So much for my blogging! OK, I'm now going to try to move some stuff (mainly my trip reports from races and bike rides and whatnot) into my blog and start keeping things a bit more au courant. We'll see if I succeed!

Since my last post (which was also my first post), I finished my French bike tour, went on a Chilean ski trip to Portillo, and went on an Irish bike tour with Stan the man. Other than the trip reports which [I hope] I'll be posting, that's absolutely everything that happened in the past 8 months or whatever, so you are now pretty up to date.

The trip reports through the 2005 Auburn Triathlon are going to be kind of retro-fitted, so they'll look a bit funny, but hopefully things are gonna look real spiffy going forward.


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