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Sunday, February 26, 2006

2004 November 25: Manchester Road Race

I've been pretty good for some years now about getting some exercise on Thanksgiving Day before the big meal. This year's exertions involved considerable advance planning: Larry and I ran the Manchester Road Race, and we ran a race a month in advance solely to get seeded for the Manchester Road Race.

Larry and I ran this race in 2001 unseeded, and there were so many racers running with us and getting in the way that I swore I would never again run it without seeding. We didn't run our pre-race race fast enough to get seeded in the fastest group (those who were expected to run on Thanksgiving in under 30 minutes), but we got seeded in the second group of the three seedings-- 35 minutes and under.

After some warming up, Larry and I took our spots in our seeding group. When things started, we had plenty of company running alongside, but enough room that we were actually able to run our own pace. Early in the race, ending around two miles or so in, there's a big climb that wiped me out more than I'd been thinking it would. After that climb, I had to ease up a bit-- fortunately there were no other real climbs further on.

Near the start of a downhill, Larry needed to stop to tie his shoe. For some reason, I was afraid of getting overrun by the mass of humanity running near us if I stopped with him, so I selfishly forged ahead. After he tied his shoes, Larry sprinted to catch up to me, but I think his superhuman effort at that point wore him down.

We trundled on down the hill, always onwards, onwards. The course flattened out for the last chunk, and I picked up the pace a bit. Larry was still winded from his sprint, and he fell behind. We finished the race fairly close together, both comfortably ensconced in the 30-35-minute range. Results.


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