Ray Sidney's Homepage

Who am I?  Am I the "Ray Sidney" you're seeking?  There's pretty good odds that I am (there are only a few of us), but if you're wondering, here's a fifteen-second educational and vocational history.  (I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll put up some pictures some day, too.  Um, maybe.)

There's not a whole lot of interesting content up here as yet, clearly.
Contact info: My password-protected email address, cell phone number, and mailing address are available here (but keep reading this entire paragraph before going there!).  The only reason it's password-protected is so that nasty web robots can't get at it.  Any humans reading this page are welcome to the following not-very-secret password info: use the user name "sidney" and the password "sidneyfamily" to view my contact info page.

Some folks might know me as Raymond Sidney, too.  Same thing.  Yeah, I put this line on this page just for the sake of search engines.

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