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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2005 November 24: Manchester Road Race

This is the same "turkey trot" Thanksgiving day race I ran in 2004. Once more, my brother Larry & I took to the streets of Manchester, CT to show folks what we were made of.

Thanksgiving 2005 was a snowy day! We drove over to Manchester more than a little bit worried about what kind of conditions we were to be subjected to. It turned out that the roads were pretty much snow-free, though, and the temperature during the race was actually quite nice (after the race, once we'd started to cool down, things seemed distinctively chilly).

As usual, Larry and I started out together. I started us at at a pretty good pace, and I figured that I was going to beat him good, since I'd been living up at altitude for about a year and since I tend to do longer training runs than he does. But when we got to the big hill in the race, it was pretty clear that I was having a tougher time of it than he was.

Some time further on, I fell behind, and I just didn't have it in me to keep up with him. I was a little surprised at how beat I felt, but there was nothing I could do-- I watched Larry slowly recede into the distance ahead of me.

Even at the end of the race, I didn't have a big kick to deliver. Our finishes put Larry at 31:06 and me at 31:31 (see here for details). This was actually a nice improvement for both of us over our times in 2004, so I'm actually happy with my performance; I just wish the course hadn't mugged me so bad in 2005!


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