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Sunday, February 26, 2006

2005 May 1: Wildflower Olympic Triathlon

After last year's painful debacle on the Wildflower Long Course Triathlon, I decided to downshift and do the Olympic Triathlon at Wildflower in 2005. Misha was in on it, too (his first triathlon!), on his new Giant road bike. Diane signed up as well, hooking up with two other women to do the Olympic Triathlon (she was going to do the bike leg).

Alex and Misha and I drove down together, Misha and I picked up our race packets, and then Alex and I went to our hotel (Misha camped out in classic Wildflower fashion). Diane and Ben drove down together, picked up her packet, and went to their hotel; we then had a pre-race-day pizza dinner with the two of them during which Ben showed me his fancy new Garmin GPS watch.

Next day (race day!), we were all hanging out at the race start, waiting. Diane was rather antsy because she hadn't yet found her two teammates (a swimmer and a runner). Time was getting pretty tight for her to touch base with them and plan for the race! She was contemplating doing the whole triathlon herself even though she wasn't really equipped properly to do it, since she hadn't been planning on it ("Should I buy a new wetsuit?!"). Fortunately, the missing teammates showed up at the last minute, saving her a bit of trouble.

Skipping over to me (since this is really my story) now...I must lamentably admit that this is one of those after-the-fact writeups that I really should avoid doing. So I don't have a whole lot to recollect about the actual race! Did a little swimming, a little biking, and a little running. On the basis of my Wildflower Long Course experiences, I had warned Misha in advance about the utter monstrosity about the run course, telling him that it would be largely off-road and steep beyond measure. It turned out that the Olympic run course was much saner than I expected, lacking hairy off-road killer hills. It's possible that it just seemed like an easier course (since it was 10K instead of 13. 1 miles!), but I think it genuinely was easier.

I finished the race happy and not feeling mugged. Results here. Misha and Diane also had good days, as did Li Moore, who I hadn't known in advance was racing. Brother Shawn "Big-time" Simpson was also on hand to party, so I chatted with him a bit afterwards.

During the race, Alex put her new bike through its paces. I'm not sure where this should go in this writeup, but I felt it should go somewhere, so here it is! Alex also took lots of pictures.


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